'99 (u14) Boys Gold Jefferson Cup Champions

Congratulations to the '99 (u14) Gold Boys for winning the prestigious Jefferson Cup tournament over the weekend of March 8-9, in Richmond, VA.  The team scored 9 goals while only conceeding 2 over the 4 games.  The Jefferson Cup is the 2nd rated tournament in the country, so job well done. 

The club also had 4 other teams that participated in the event.  The '03 (u10) Boys Celtic lost in the semi-finals, '95 (u18) Boys Gold went 2-1, while the '96 (u17) and '97 (u16) both went 3-0.  The u16-u18 age groups are set up in in a showcase format for college recruiting, so they just play 3 games with no championship.  

Congratulations to all of the teams that participated this past weekend as they represented Triangle United well.  

Here is the link to the u14 Gold Boys Schedule from the weekend


99 Boys Gold














97 Boys Gold