Classic GK Training

Fall 2017 Classic Goalkeeping Schedule 
Begins week of September 30th, 2017

u11-u12 Girls: Tuesday 500-600pm @ Homestead Park #1
u11-u12 Boys: Tuesday 500-600pm @ Homestead Park #1
u13-u14 Girls: Tuesday 600-700pm @ Homestead Park #1
u13-u14 Boys: Wednesday 500-600pm @ Triangle Church
u15-u19 Girls: Wednesday 600-700pm @ Triangle Church

**Suggested Items for Training**

  • Goalkeeper jersey (training pant)
  • Goalkeeper Gloves
  • Shinguards
  • Ball (properly inflated)
  • Water

For weather information, please call the weather hotline at 919-942-2036

If you have questions regarding goalkeeper training please contact Richie Bryan