Guest Player Information

Guest Players - Coaches must clear all guest players thru the Director of Soccer (John Cirillo) PRIOR to inviting them to participate with his/her team for any event (practice, scrimmage, tournament, etc…)  A guest player roster MUST be done for any player participating with your team for any activity.  If you are attending a tournament that says guest rosters are not required, NCYSA DOES REQUIRE a guest roster be completed, regardless of the tournament rules, to ensure that the player is properly insured and that every coach knows where his/her players are playing. If you are attending an out of state tournament and bring guest players a copy of the completed form must be sent in to the state office (NCYSA) before attending the tournament in order to tie the insurance coverage of the participating team with the guest players.

Click here: Guest Player Roster (NCYSA web site)