Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many teams do you have per age group in Select?
A: This wil depend on the number of players trying out and the level of those players

Q: Do you have select teams that practice more locally?
A: Yes, we try to create select teams more locally (i.e. teams based in South Durham, Chapel Hill, and North Durham)

Q: Do you have to tryout for Select?
A: Yes, each year in May, all players must tryout for select

Q: Who are the coaches for Select?
A: Challenge coaches are volunteer coaches either from the team or through the club; coaches are given a curriculum to work from for their practices

Q: What are the fees for playing Select soccer?
A: Well, there are Club Fees and Team FeesClub fees are what is paid to the club (i.e. player/team registration, field rentals, staff costs, player insurance, referee fees, select camps, etc...).  Team Fees are what is paid to the team/manager for training shirts, GK jersey, coach travel/per diem (for tournaments), tournament entry fees, first aid, etc...

Q: What league does the Select program play in?
A: The select teams play in the Triangle Premier League (TPL)