Triangle United Classic Soccer

Classic soccer is the highest level of soccer within North Carolina.  Wthin the NCYSA league, there are different levels and divisions of play.  Classic soccer begins at u11 and goes all the way through u19. 

Below is a quick recap for the various age groups.

U11 & U12: There are 2 different levels of play, which are Open (your higher level teams) and 2nd (your mid to lower level teams).  Teams choose which level of play each season to ensure competitive games

U13: The fall season of U13 begins the same way as u11 and u12 where you choose Open or 2nd division.  However, after the fall season, the top 6 teams from the Open divisions, will create a new division for the Spring season called Open Elite (there is one in the East and one if the West).  This division will play for the right to play in Premier at u14 (the top division at U14).  In the spring, you will have Open Elite, Open, and 2nd divisions.  Teams that finish in the top 3 in the Open will play in the 1st division at u14.

U14: There are 3 divisions at this age group, which are Premier (your top teams from across NC), 1st Division (which are 2nd tier teams), and 2nd Division (your middle to lower level classic teams). 

U15-U19: These age groups are the same as u14, however the girls teams play only in the fall season and the boys teams only play in the spring.