Parent Info, Program Operation Rules

Triangle United At Woodcroft - Parent Information Sheet

- Information on all Triangle United programs can be found on our website at
- The weather hotline for all Triangle United practices and games is 919-942-2036.

- Triangle United players, parents and staff are guests while using the Woodcroft Swim and Tennis Club (WSTC) parking lot and community fields. Please obey the following rules because failure to do so can result in the parking and playing fields to be pulled from us.

1. Do not use the WSTC bathrooms, portable toilets are provided on the edge of the fields near the wall used for tennis or handball.
2. When entering the fields from the parking lot please use the access ramp or foot paths. We are not to use the deck as the player’s cleats will cause damage to the wood. There are signs up that clearly indicate this.
3. All trash is to be taken from the fields, please do not use the WSTC trash receptacles or dumpster located in the parking lot. Treat the facility as a “carry in, carry out” facility. The fields also border a wetland area, please pay attention to the garbage (especially the plastic straw wrappers from drinks as these are dangerous to wildlife).
4. Parking for Triangle United activities is only permitted during regularly scheduled practices and games. Please do not use the parking lot during any other hours. Improperly parked cars (i.e.: those not in a parking space such as those that park in the grassy areas in the lot) will be towed at the owner's expense.
5. Please drive slowly through the neighborhood and parking lot to keep all playing children safe.
6. All lost and found items should be given to the coaches or managers on duty. Should you lose anything at the fields please email for assistance.

Additional Parking Rules:
∗ please park in only designated spaces (marked out with white lines) in the upper two parking lots at the WSTC
∗ no parking is allowed where there are solid yellow lines or along the access road to the boat storage area
∗ no parking is allowed in the spaces which are reserved for the businesses that share the parking lot, these spaces are marked
∗ In the event the parking lot is full, DO NOT PARK ON THE SHOULDERS OF WOODCROFT PARKWAY! This is a safety issue as well as ILLEGAL. You may want to park at the Woodcroft shopping center, or on Sandstone Ridge Drive or Winterberry Dr. If parking along Sandstone Ridge or Winterberry, please respect the homeowners (i.e.: do not block private driveways, block streets, or park on their lawns). Illegally parked cars will be ticketed by Durham Police or towed at the owner’s expense.
∗ It’s simple, obey the parking rules or be prepared to pay the cost of towing, ticketing, or put the program in danger of losing the facilities to park and play on all together. If we are found in violation of the parking guidelines on three separate occasions, we will be fined each time and the program will be terminated following the third offense.
*We will not issue refunds if the program is terminated due to repeated violation of the above rules and guidelines!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and familiarize yourself with the rules which we need to follow.

Triangle United Staff