TU Teams Show Well at Coast FA Spring Classic

Over the weekend of April 27-28, 18 YDA teams as well as few challenge and classic teams traveled to Myrtle Beach, SC to take part in the Coast FA Spring Classic.

Although there were no champions in the event, TU represented themselves well, with 9 teams making at least the semi-finals and 5 teams making it to the championship game.  Here is a link to the tournament website

Below are the list of teams that made it to the semi-finals or better:

u8 ('04) Girls Bayern Munich--Finalists
u8 ('04) Boys Real Madrid--Finalists
u8 ('04) Boys Deportivo--Finalists
u8 ('04) Boys Villareal--Semi-Finalists
u9 ('03) Girls Lyon--Semi-Finalists
u9 ('03) Boys Celtic--Finalists
u9 ('03) Boys Rangers--Semi-Finalists
u10 ('02) Boys Fulham--Finalists
u11 ('01) Boys Wizards--Semi-Finalists